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Aaron Lund was born in Ontario and moved to the Annapolis Valley in 1970. He started playing acoustic guitar in 1977 and got his first electric guitar in 1983. His musical tastes are quite diverse, from classical to rock. He has played with a number of local bands, including Split Pea, Beer in the Headlights, Ron Edmunds, Crash and Burn, and others.

Stéphane Richard grew up in Southern New Brunswick and started to play the drums at the age of 18. His early music influences revolved around hard rock. He moved to Louisiana for work in the 90s and discovered blues, jazz and cajun music. Stéphane moved to Nova Scotia in 1999 and has lived in the Annapolis Valley since 2000. He works in education and is also a visual artist. He joined the Voodoo Charmers in August 2020 and is the drummer and sings on several songs for the band.

Keir Pothier-West grew up on West Brooklyn Mountain, and moved into the Town of Wolfville when he was 23. Surrounded by a community of talented musicians, he bought his first guitar one month into living in Wolfville. His early music influences came from heavy metal, hard rock, and classic rock, but he soon developed an appreciation of blues music. Starting his journey into music through the open mic scene, Keir eventually joined the Voodoo Charmers in 2015 as a rhythm guitar player. 

David Davidson AKA David Morine was born and raised in Hantsport, Nova Scotia, and has lived up and down the Annapolis Valley. He started making hip-hop and electronic music in university, and eventually picked up an acoustic guitar around the time he moved to Wolfville in 1998. After a few years travelling, he moved back to Wolfville in 2009 and started playing with local bands. David has played with The Chimney Swifts, The Wide Open Spaces, Crash and Burn, Eden Row, and others.

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